About the Series

Our Mission

LP Slide 74

                                                  Ollie Corchado as Petey

En Route is the brainchild of Ollie Corchado and Dylan James Amick, writing partners based in New York City. Loosely inspired by Ollie’s experiences as a delivery boy, the pair began writing scripts in 2016. The project examines friendship, self-fulfillment, and on-demand consumerism with an emphasis on creating collaborative opportunities for a diverse group of actors. It was an ambitious production made possible by the generous donations of time from an incredibly talented team.

The Story

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                                             Jarvis Matthews (Left) as Bobby

En Route is the story of Petey and Bobby, community transplants in New York City, working for a Postmates-esque app as delivery boys and learning their role in a community. Told primarily through delivery shifts, the pair meets an array of characters with varying perspectives on success, responsibility, relationships, and what we owe each other. In six ten-minute episodes, Petey goes on his journey seeking self-satisfaction and happiness in an industry based around external ratings and opinions. En Route is a reflection of the modern hustle and a timeless struggle.

The Production

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                                             Andrea Negrete (Left) as Veronica

En Route was produced by the two of us, for a self-funded budget of $700 for crew payment, equipment rentals, and prop/costume needs. The project took six scripts we wrote as a pair, 27 actors, over 20 locations, and a crew of only three people to shoot over sixteen days. The series shot on two Canon T5 cameras, with a prime 24mm & 50mm Canon lens; during tracking shots a Zhiyun-Tech Crane three axis stabilizer was attached. The audio was recorded with an XM-55 shotgun microphone and a Zoom H5 Handy Recorder. All digital effects were created in Adobe Aftereffects, the sound was mastered in Adobe Audition, and the editing and color correction was done through Adobe Premiere. Jordan Goldston was the Directory of Photography and Chelsea Rugg was the Lead Animator.

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