Ha-Ha Funny

Episode 5:

Bobby is forced to publicly confront a fear; Petey bumps into an aggressive biker

Directed by Dylan James Amick
Written & Edited by Dylan James Amick & Ollie Corchado
Cinematography by Jordan Goldston
Animations by Chelsea Rugg

Ollie Corchado as Petey
Jarvis Matthews as Bobby
Andrea Negrete as Veronica
Alison Wein as Elise
Aaron Mouton as Deshawn
Beck Granger as Deshawn’s Daughter
Gabriella Puente as Girl on Phone

With music by:
“Gang Gang (Squad Redo)” by A. Sarr ft. Lil Frexxx & Tawobi from the EP People in Your Life are Reasons. 
“Calm the Fuck Down” by Broke for Free from the album Slam Funk
“Goodwill” by The Custodian of Records from the album She Hate Me


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