The Project

Episode 4:

During a shift, Petey is invited to spend time with the customers

Directed & Edited by Dylan James Amick & Ollie Corchado
Written by Ollie Corchado
Cinematography by Jordan Goldston
Animations by Chelsea Rugg

Ollie Corchado as Petey
Jarvis Matthews as Bobby
Nate Betancourt as Ronnie
Carlo Campbell as Ernie
AhDream Smith as Alex
Megan Gerald as Tatiana
Janelle Fore & Sarah Habershon as Party Goers

With music by:
“Gang Gang (Squad Redo)” by A. Sarr ft. Lil Frexxx & Tawobi from the EP People in Your Life are Reasons. 
“Vintage Party Instrumentals” by C-Roc from the single Vintage b/w Freak Of Nature (Remixx)
“After Party” by Asthmatic Astronaut from Exposing All Emotions
“All = Game” by Wamoo from GOLD
“Across the US in Dream” by The Fucked Up Beat from Insomnie


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